About Me

Hello dear readers!

My name is Albin Rafuna and I created this blog to share with you some great content, advice, suggestions, and why not motivations for all the people who truly want to live a fit and healthy life. People who belong to this blog, are the people who have a desire on dealing with all the good information that has to do with fitness and health, people who want to start being fit and healthy and also people who want to maintain their body in a good shape physically and psychologically. If you are a gym and fitness lover than you’ll feel right at home in this blog. Together we are going to be an encouraging community of supporting people that want to live a fit and healthy life. My passion for blogging  started right after I decided to stay fit and healthy in life. After I started the gym as a teenager, I started to love being fit and my life changed for good. I started to get a lot of information about being healthy and that was when I understood how important it is to maintain a healthy life, but also, is the same important to inform and make other people aware of having a fit and healthy life. This blog will walk you through the content that it is going to make you aware and even improving the ways of being healthy. The motto of this blog is “Healthy People, Happy People, Happy People, a Better World”. So you please make sure to visit my Blog Healthfitwork.com so you can be up to date with everything that we post here.

Love you all, respectfully,

Albin Rafuna.

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