How to Build Bigger Shoulders

How to Build Bigger Shoulders

How to Build Bigger Shoulders

With all the focus that most men spend on their arms and chest, it is surprising how often shoulders get overlooked. Not only will bigger shoulders help you look better, they can also improve your lifts, and improve your posture (if trained correctly). In this article we will be looking at how to build bigger shoulders, and how to train them so as to avoid injury in the future.

Muscles of the Shoulders

The main muscles in your shoulders are the deltoids. There are three deltoid muscles, or more accurately, there is one muscle that is made up of three heads. You’ve got the anterior (front) head, posterior (rear) head, and middle head. Many exercises such as the seated shoulder press will target all three heads. But you also have exercises that mostly target one of the heads. A rear-delt cable fly almost exclusively targets the posterior head of the deltoid.

Alongside the deltoids, you also have your trapezium muscle. Many would argue that this is primarily an upper back muscle. But there is a case for counting it as a shoulder muscle too. Most bodybuilders train traps as part of their shoulder routine, so we feel fairly confident in including it here.

How to Build Bigger Shoulders

You could also include the teres major. This muscle originates on your shoulder blade, and attaches to the back of your upper arm, just underneath the deltoid. The teres major (and the teres minor) is mostly activated during pulling movements though, such as a low row. So, there is little reason to add it to your shoulder session. We just added it in as it is technically seen as a shoulder muscle by some.

How to Build Bigger Shoulders

The most obvious way to build bigger shoulder muscles is to incorporate more shoulder exercises into your training program. Shoulder presses, Arnold presses, push presses, shrugs, upright rows, and all the exercises that target the middle and rear delts.

But what you really want to do is change how you prioritize shoulders. Most men (and some women) tend to prioritize their chest and back, with shoulders as an afterthought. If you want bigger shoulders, then this will have to change.

That means reducing the number of chest exercises and performing your shoulder exercises first. This will allow you to lift more weight and perform more reps than usual, but your chest and back will suffer slightly.

You can also increase the number of times you train shoulders per week, this may mean pairing shoulders with a leg workout (a good way to increase your shoulder exercises without harming your chest or back workouts).

The Rear Delts

One of the most overlooked aspects of shoulder training are the rear delts, they get ignored by so many lifters. This is an issue because under-trained rear delts can lead to postural issues and injuries. Performing exercises such as face pulls, rear delt flees, and lateral raises will help strengthen them, and ensure that you have a well balanced set of shoulders.

How to Build Bigger Shoulders

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