Improve your Deadlift with these Five Tips

Improve your Deadlift with these Five Tips

Improve your Deadlift with these Five Tips

The barbell deadlift is one of the most effective exercises there are. But it is also one of the most difficult to perform correctly. With dire consequences to anyone who doesn’t do so. A bad deadlift can lead to a lifetime of back issues, slipped disks, and sciatica. They’re also really inefficient. If you can lift a heavy weight with bad form, then you’ll eventually be able to lift a heavier weight with good form! In this article we will look at how to improve your deadlift with these five tips.

Tip #1 Lift off a stable surface

This is such a basic tip that we almost didn’t include it, but then we remembered how often we’d seen people lifted off bad surfaces. When deadlifting you ideally want a lifting platform, but this isn’t always possible in a gym. At the very least, you want your surface to be flat, level, and clutter-free.

Remove any spare dumbbells or plates that litter your area. Try to find a part of the floor where the barbell doesn’t roll (this indicates an unlevel floor). Then finally, make sure that where you are lifting is not in the way. People will walk into you if you are deadlifting in a stupid location (for example, blocking an exit).

Tip #2 Avoid Running Shoes

Most gym goers wear running shoes, they’re great for … well … running. But are also super comfortable, and can be worn for most exercises. However, they are not suitable for deadlifting. The extra foam packed around the heel of the shoes can put you in an awkward (and unstable) deadlifting position. Wearing flat shoes (Converse shoes are great, or squat shoes) will get you closer to the ground, making it easier to deadlift. Alternatively, you can go barefoot (provided your gym allows this).

Improve your Deadlift with these Five Tips

Tip #3 Find the Perfect Stance

When deadlifting, it is important to have your feet the right distance apart. Too far apart and you’re basically sumo deadlifting (a completely different exercise). Too narrow and you’re going to have issues with balance and stability.

To find your perfect distance, stand away from the barbell and prepare to jump up in the air. You will naturally place your feet the right distance apart to do so. Your jumping foot stance is the same as your deadlifting foot stance.

Tip #4 Work on your Grip

The deadlift uses so many muscles, and involves such heavy weights that it is quite funny how important your grip strength is. But a weak grip can ruin your deadlift. There are two approaches you must take. A short-term strategy and a long-term strategy.

  • The short-term strategy is about temporarily improving your grip. Using weightlifting straps, or chalk, or gloves to improve your grip will help you grip the bar better.
  • The long-term strategy is to strengthen your grip through training. Adding in exercise such as barbell shrugs or farmer’s walks, that will strengthen your grip and allow you to manage heavier weights.

Improve your Deadlift with these Five Tips

Tip #5 Get a Good Belt

A weightlifting belt should not be overused, don’t get it out until you’re really lifting something heavy. But using a good belt will massively improve your safety, stability, and therefore allow you to lift more. Check out videos of the biggest deadlifts in history and you’ll see every competitor has a good weight lifting belt. Don’t leave home without one!

Improve your Deadlift with these Five Tips

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