Top 5 advises on how to live healthy if you are to busy in life

Top 5 advises on how to live healthy if you are to busy in life

Top 5 advises on how to live healthy if you are to busy in life

Sometimes people are so preoccupied with other things in life so they totally forget or they do not have time to take care of themselves. In today’s world with a lot of things going on, there are a lot of factors included that affect our time in our daily life. Let’s say you’re a student and at the same time you live in a busy city, and you have to go to work as in my case and try to be good with studies, try to socialize with your friends and many other stuff, it might be a little bit overwhelming when it comes to take care of your health. Some people just do not have really time to care about it or some of them do not have an idea on what to do to actually stay healthy at the same time that you’re busy with life. Here are some of the advises on how to maintain a healthy body and mind while you’re time is limited.

Health is number one priority

First of all, no matter how much busy we are with life and how much of the tasks we have to finish, there is a zero concurrence when it comes to comparing health with other stuff. People all over the world are witnessed that health should be a number one priority for every one. It is the key element that would allow you to perform well in life and keep on taking care of the daily activities that we have to deal with. No matter what kind of a person you are, or how much smart you are, or how much money do you have, if you do not have health, you basically have nothing. That’s why people always should find reasons to stay active at least in an average time.

Top 5 advises on how to live healthy if you are to busy in life

Food that you eat matters

Along the way with a heavy agenda of the everyday stuff, you have to make sure that at least the food that you eat is not a junk. Making sure that you eat a lot of proteins, fruits and vegetable, would help you a lot to manage the weight of your body and make you feel good from the inside. The food that i prefer to eat is fruits like, bananas berries and veggies like greens and also meat, now depending on the preference you either eat beef, chicken or fish (make sure to never eat pork) it is not good for the body.

Top 5 advises on how to live healthy if you are to busy in life

Setting up a very organized schedule for your daily or weekly tasks

Being and organized person helps you to manage your time in a very efficient way, and would allow you to actually do things within the day that you never thought you could have done it. When i was telling my story to my trainer in the gym, that i was really a busy guy and i couldn’t have time to hit the gym to often, he was explaining to me that having an organized schedule for yourself would make it possible for you to count the gym hours in that schedule, and he showed me that i am most likely to attend the gym. I did not believed him until i tried it myself. I set up the schedule and actually planning ahead of every hour i spent during the day, helped me to manage my time and allowed me to attend the gym at least three to four days a week.

Doing some sort of sports, or even a walk around the block would work

If you’re that kind of person that don’t want to spent the hours left from your busy day at work into the gym, where there is another two good recommendations for you. First you can go ahead and try to do some sports, which are more fun and enjoyable, like for example playing soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming and all kinds of sports that are going to keep you physically active. Secondly you might just decide to go for a walk or even for a run by starting around the block, or to the nearest park. As long as you’ll keep your body active that is going to help you on keeping the shape of the body and not transforming it into a body that looks like is in it’s 80’s or 90’s.

Home Exercises

Now depending on the people, some prefer to find the time and go to the gym even though they’re busy, some of them try to do other physical activities to keep their body in shape, but some of them do not like to even leave their home. Well, we have a solution for that too. Thanks to the internet we are able to find anything we want to. Why not to go ahead and check on YouTube for home exercises and i bet you will get tons of videos that will show you how to do exercises from home. Try to do that and it will help you a lot to kind of keep yourself in shape a little bit. Still not having time for exercises it is always going to be just an excuse, an excuse that might cost you a lot when you get older and start to go out of shape faster than you’re supposed to. Try to commit yourself to daily exercises and try to make it a habit. If not so than at least 3 days a week physical exercise is a must for a healthy body.

Top 5 advises on how to live healthy if you are to busy in life

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