Wake Up People! Stop Smoking

Wake Up People! Stop Smoking

Wake Up People! Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is one of the most dangerous and unhealthy habits that people have. It is therefore a thing that is still consumed by a lot of people in the world. If we measure the statistics there is over one billion people that are cigarette smokers and are addicted to that. Only in US there is around 34 million of adults that smoke.

Tobacco as a plant itself started to grow around 8000 years ago, but it was consumed or smoked 2000 years ago by the people that used to have ceremonial parties and other rituals. In the very early XV century, tobacco started to get spread in Europe and gradually with centuries it started to become more popular for people and more addictive as well. First machines of producing cigarettes started to get created and now with times those machines just got more sophisticated, increasing so the ratio of production in extremely higher amounts of cigarettes produced per minute. At these days, we all know that the world tries to alarm the people who smoke cigarettes for it’s risk and damage that it can do to our health. This heavy alarm information did helped a little bit on the decreasing level of the smokers around the world but still even though that happened, the number of illness and deaths is increasing. This is happening because of the fact that the tobacco industries started to create a new production of cigarettes, making them so to create more addiction to the people. People who are reading this post they are either a smoker or a non smoker, there might be somebody that wants to stop smoking, but there also might be somebody who before reading this blog was planning to start smoking. Now along with this as a smoke quitter i will give some of my advice to people based on my experience on smoking.

Some of the facts that cause people to smoke

Know we live in a world full of problems, in a world with a lot of responsibilities and in a world full of stress. People who usually start smoking, are most likely people who actually have a lot of stress going on in their lives, they have a lot of tasks to finish, and because their weak immunity and mentality cannot handle it, causes them to start smoking by giving themselves an excuse that by smoking a cigarette it will “relax” you nerves. Actually when you smoke it for the first time, it will look that is relaxing you brain, but that is the bad trick though. In that moment you will be attached with the nicotine that it’s in the cigarette and it is going to make you more and more addictive when you start consuming it day by day. A factor that contributes to that is people that you have seen during your childhood saying that cigarette is a good thing. Some of them start it because they happened to be in a company where they all smoked, or somebody like me, started it just because he thought it is  a cool thing to do. Well, however someone might start this extremely bad habit, nobody knows when it is going to end, neither the person itself does not know that, and of course being showed that there is for real a risk of health, consequences will began to show up.

What smoke causes to your health

Smoking affects you in every single aspect of life. There are physical damages and also physiological damages that a cigarette does to your body. When it comes to physical damages smoking causes a lot of diseases which obviously are of them are deadly. Number one incurable disease that you can get from smoking is cancer. Can you really understand this people, it is most likely that a person who smokes has high rate of having cancer and that is incurable, so you should be aware of that before taking the action on lighting that cigarette. It will damage your face skin and you will be getting acne, wrinkles and you also will start to look older than your age. Other diseases that cigarette can really bring to you are lung diseases, you will not have the condition of your body, that you had before you started smoking and that will prevent you from doing many other life, interactive activities like sports and other stuff because your energy i going to decrease. Problems with heart disease are going to show up with time when you get older and smoke more and more cigarettes per day. That’s just some of the main effects that smoking can bring to you, but do not think it ends with that smoking will shorten your lifespan in years and that is really something that i would care about and would stop and think seriously about it.

Wake Up People! Stop Smoking

  How to STOP smoking

Now, for people who smoke there is still a chance for them. The only solution for it is to not continue to smoke anymore and decide to quit it forever. Now take this advice from me because i was a smoker before and i quit smoking, which obviously i can tell the difference and also i can tell the ways how you can stop smoking.

1. Decide to quit smoking with our own fully consciousness, willingness and desire:

People who actually take the courage and are brave enough to do what they say in life, are more likely to stop smoking cigarettes after they make their own claim, that they will never ever smoke cigarette in their life. We are witness to people who told us that they quit smoking but, a month after that you will see them in the same position they were before, and this is because their decision was not honest and they are people who lack on doing what they are saying. This technique works for people mentioned at the very top.

2. Seriously consider the health risk you can have if you don’t stop smoking:

Considering the facts of what really smoking can do to your health, being vigilant, smart and aware of that, can bring you at that point where you would want to stop smoking at your own pace. I say that because a lot of people actually even though they started smoking it is not that they really wanted it, but it might be from different consequences that causes them to smoke, now with that being said, those people have a sense of thinking and logically they know that smoking is a serious danger for them and by considering those facts, they will just quit smoking.

3. Set a goal for yourself:

For some people smoking can be really hard to quit. One good way for them is to start setting goals about their health, about their body etc. Setting a goals like this would actually shift the paradigms of wanting to smoke to actually wanting to achieve the goal. If you set a goal for example that you are going to start hitting the gym and gape in good shape, you now that to achieve that you must stop smoking sooner or later. If you set a goal that you will be eating healthy, will be going out for run or whatever it is that has to do with the improvement of your body and health, is actually going to switch your mindset of a smoker to a healthy mindset. This is because, wanting to achieve such a thing will separate two habits in opposite proportions. One bad habit that you own, trying to make a transition to a good habit that you want to develop. At this point your brain will start to attract more from the good habit and will reject the bad habit, allowing so you to quit smoking forever.

Quitting smoking was one of the best decisions i have ever made in my life. It changed my life completely in every aspect. My friends and family are not going to judge me about bad smelling of cigarettes and my health improved in an enormous way. Smoking in general is the most dump thing that people can do. I believe that every single person should really be aware of smoking and try to quit this bad habit now and forever. I made this blog hoping that will reach all the people who smoke and want to start to smoke and make them aware of the consequences and also, i hope this blog post will be an inspiration from you to stop smoking.

Wake Up People! Stop Smoking

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