Why Gym and Fitness Matters

Why Gym and Fitness Matters

Why Gym and Fitness Matters

#Gym and #Fitness is the very most important element of our life. People from the early ancient time were doing exercises or lifting weights by actually using the stones, and by doing stone lifting, stone throwing, rope climbing and wrestling. But, in the late 19th century thanks to the french entrepreneur and gymnast Hippolyte Triat which was the first one to basically create the very firstĀ  commercial gym by opening one in Brussels and than following by another one in Paris. Since than it got spread all over the world and now the gym is to be considered as a very important place for people who want to maintain their overall health and strength.

What Gym and Fitness does to your Body

Hitting the gym and dealing with fitness has to do with the improvement of the body. This improvement is considered as from the benefits that gym brings to us. There are two benefits from which our body can win from attaining the gym regularly, and these are physical benefits and Psychological benefits. From physical benefits are that you will be able to maintain a good body weight, blood pressure, it reduces the risk from the cancer and many heart diseases and what is most important is that it gives you energy for the time that you’re attaining the gym and has long-term benefits. You will be amazed by the performance of your body once you start to go to the gym.

Why Gym and Fitness Matters

Psychological benefits

Fitness and gym also helps our mentality to get better. Once we start seeing the results of our work and see those muscles that we have been building during the time, you’ll start to feel as completely different person. That would help you gain a lot of confidence in yourself and also will reduce the stress and anxiety.

Evolving physical activity

Gym and Fitness beside that is to attain it, important of that is to evolve in the physical activity as well. The reason why i am mentioning this is because gym and fitness is all about evolving, otherwise it might get to boring for somebody and it might be a reason for them to quit. You can evolve in exercises by adding more to your exercise, changing them time by time and try new things as well. Let’s say your only thing that you did when going to the gym was lifting weights or doing cardio, why not to add to it a gymnastic session, or get a personal trainer, do a yoga session, or try the ring and many other stuff. These things work so well on your improvement and make you better than you were yesterday.

Maintaining Gym and Fitness

For most of the people that go to the gym i noticed one problem! That problem is that some of them think that going to the gym and doing fitness actually has to be just for a certain period of time. And that is where they’ll get it wrong. Going to the gym, staying fit and being healthy it is not for one time period, it is and it should be considered from all the people as a lifestyle. If you don’t treat it as a lifestyle that actually will live with it all the time is hard to get good results, or you might get results but as soon as you quit, you’ll come to the point you were before hitting the gym, so maintaining the exercises and making gym part of your life is a crucial thing for your health.

You got it right for yourself, it’s time for you to invite others

This one thing that i say all the time is that once you start the gym, once you see the results it’s a good way of you to give a contribution to the society. Once you go to the upper level it’s time to send the elevator down to get some more up. You should start inviting people to go to the gym by starting from you family members to your friends and so on. The reason why i say that is because of the impact that we can make on making this world a better world by having healthy people. Remembering the motto of this blog is “Healthy people happy people, Happy people better world”

Gym and Fitness should definitely be considered as a primary key element of life.

Why Gym and Fitness Matters

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