You Need to Add these Four Exercises into your Workout

You Need to Add these Four Exercises into your WorkoutYou Need to Add these Four Exercises into your Workout


There are thousands of exercises to choose from, and you could easily get lost in lists of exercise variations to add to your program. But we thought we’d showcase four exercises that you need to add to your workout as soon as possible.

Exercise #1 Nordic Curls

This is by far the best hamstring exercise out there, the only reason it isn’t more popular is that it is really difficult to set up. Because you need something to hold your ankles down. This can be a workout partner (ideal), or the pad from a leg extension machine. It can even be a barbell if your feet are the right size.

Get on your knees with your feet and ankles held down. Then, you are going to slowly lower your upper body down to the ground. Hands out to catch you before your torso and face touch the ground. Once your hands touch the ground keep lowering your body down until you are lying down. Now, use your hamstrings to bring your body back upwards until you are back in the starting position.

You can make this exercise harder by relying less and less on your hands, and going slower and slower during the beginning of the exercise.

Dumbbell Skull Crushers

Skull crushers are a popular triceps exercise, but they are nearly always performed with either a barbell or an Ezy-bar. This causes your elbows to flare out slightly if you use the Ezy-bar, or it limits the range of motion if you use the barbell.

But if you hold a dumbbell (neutral grip) in each hand you can bring the weights down beside your face. Therefore you get the full range of motion, and your elbows can stay straight throughout (therefore more force travels through the triceps).

Lie on a bench with your head right at the end of it. Shuffle backwards if your head isn’t there naturally. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and hold them above your shoulders. Bend your arms and bring the dumbbells towards your face. Let the dumbbells pass your face and stop when arms are fully bent. Pause, and then raise them back up to the starting position.

You Need to Add these Four Exercises into your Workout

Face Pulls

For this exercise you will need a cable station with a rope attachment. Set it so that the cable is at head height and grab a rope handle in each hand (use an overhand grip). Then pull the rope and walk backwards slightly. Then stand with arms extended out in front of you, handle in each hand, and pull the rope towards your face, with each handle going towards your ears. Keep your elbows high throughout the movement. Pause when you feel the strain along the back of your shoulders, and then slowly return the handles to the starting position.

Elevated Dumbbell Sumo Squats

For this exercise you need an elevated platform. You can create this using aerobic steps, or Olympic plates, or you could even stand on two plyometrics boxes. Just make sure that there is a trench between the two elevated platforms. Stand on top of the platforms and hold a dumbbell in both hands so that it is resting between your thighs.

Your feet should be wide apart, in a sumo-wrestler stance (hence the name). Push your chest out and then squat down. The dumbbell will travel between the two platforms as you squat down, allowing you to go a little lower than normal. Pause when your thighs are just past parallel and then rise back up to the starting position.

You Need to Add these Four Exercises into your Workout

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